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Sweet life

I love what I do, I work really hard to create beautiful sweet treats. My goal is to make your special occasion even more special. I would like to ask you to please order in advance, in order for me to keep my sanity I need know in advance what I have to accomplish from week to week. Planning cake designs takes time, sometimes hours or even days. Once the design is set then it needs to get priced up. There are so many parts to this process, Cake size and flavor, fillings and frosting and then the design gets factored in, and the detail, that’s what makes the cake. Some weeks I have tons of fondant work which takes hours to complete, sculpted cakes are a whole other story. Once I figure how much time I will need to complete these special details, add it all up I can then discuss the price with you. Your cake May take me 8 hours from start to finish, someone else’s cake May only take an hour and a half. Some weeks I have more detail work than others but it all takes time. As much as I love my work I need time to get it right, I need time to process and make a plan and I need time to get it done. I take pride in my work and want you to be pleased so please order in advance. I want your day to be especially sweet.

Above is a sampling of part of my last week. Thank you in advance!! See you soon.

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